Saturday, October 25, 2014

Music therapy reduces depression in children, adolescents

You can probably remember the feeling you get when you hear a favorite song. It lifts your spirits and makes you smile. We know the power of music instinctively but now there is scientific proof that music can help children with behavioral and emotional problems.  Read More

The next thing that would be helpful beyond this research is the precise music therapy that was used in this study. The important thing is to know your child and try various approaches to find that thing that works for your kid.

Even with kids who do not have behavioral or emotional problems it can be a challenge to learn their individual learning style.  We have four kids and after several adjustments we figured out what motivated child number one to learn and enjoy learning. Then with child number the teaching program we had set up didn't seem to keep his attention. It took a while to learn his learning style which was entirely different than our oldest.

So even when we read about research proving that music therapy does work we have to be mindful of our individual learners.

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