Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Education boosts brain function long after school, study shows

One of the great things about homeschooling is that the children often become lifelong learners.  They are encouraged to pursue thoughts and ideas relating to different things that interest them.  When a homeschooled child shows an interest in comic books they may be steered to the book The Physics of Super Heroes.  When children are encouraged to find learning solutions when they are young they often carry this skill on through adulthood.  They don't rely on other people to tell them when to be curious and how to answer the questions they are asking themselves.  They learn in homeschool to ask questions and seek out interesting answers.  This creates a lifelong learner.

In a recent study the importance of education is shown in our aging population.  Benefits of education show up even four decades later.  This is an interesting study showing the importance of a positive educational experience even later in life.  At the same time it highlights, at least to me, the importance of helping young children find a love of learning.


Education significantly improves mental functioning in seniors even four decades after finishing school, shows a new study. The study shows that people who attended school for longer periods performed better in terms of cognitive functioning than those who did not. Using data from individuals aged around 60, the researchers found a positive impact of schooling on memory scores. The fact that young people or their parents did not choose whether to go longer to school strongly suggests that schooling is the cause rather than personal characteristics that would affect this choice and could also explain the differences in cognitive function. Read the full article HERE

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