Monday, February 24, 2014

Homeschooling Myth vs Reality

For us it started when our local school district chose to protect a teacher rather than the students.  As the year went by and her mental illness became more and more apparent to the administration they did nothing as the children in her classroom became more and more upset with her mood swings.  Parents began sitting in during the day but she would hold it together until the parents left the room.  The 7 year olds in the classroom would return home each day demonstrating behavior that included upset outbursts and they would begin crying at very little things.  For that second grade class the entire year was a waste of time in education.

For many residents of this little rural community there were no options.  For us homeschooling seemed to be the only option.

Every family comes to homeschooling for their own reason.  Every homeschooling family comes to the decision to homeschool for their own very personal reasons.  And because of this there are many misperceptions and myths about "The Homeschool Family"

Monica Swanson wrote an article for the HuffingtonPost titled "5 Myths about Families that Homeschool".  It is a great article.

What myths have you had to deal with?  Chime in on the Internet Homeschool Association Facebook page.

Schoolhouse seen in this post is not from our school district.  

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