Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Math Apps

When we were living in the Middle East the kids went to a private school.  Even though the classes were taught in english it was clear that english was not the first language for many of the teachers.  So, in Maths, my daughter faced the challenge of not only trying to figure out the math equation but also the challenge of making sure she understood the explanation that the teacher was providing.

This was compounded by the uncertainty of where her peers would be in their math level when we returned to the states.  She decided to load up her smart phone with math apps and "play" the math games so that she could stay up on the basics.

This was very impressive to me because she came up with this idea all on her own.  At the same time, the math apps today are much easier to find, download, and "play" than ever before.

Making math fun is a great way to ensure that our kids master the basics before they go on to tackle the upper level courses.

Here is a great article with a list of 10 awesome math apps

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